Vivek Sheth - Designpreneur

naga shawl
“My much awaited First trip to North East happened to be in 2017. It was a road trip around Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, culminating in Nagaland. This Lotha Tribe Naga Shawl, won my heart, and has been my favourite buy from that trip. I bought this shawl from a local weaver in Kohima. I have sported this shawl to most of my winter destinations, only to receive many compliments and much love for this beautiful and warm piece of textile. I think beginning with this my love for textiles and crafts from the North East has only just begun.”
Thank You Vivek for this joyful image and hope your love for north-east only grows from here on. 
Vivek Sheth is the founder at The Designship and an academic based out of Ahmedabad.

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