Ayan Ghosh - Photographer

Sikkim Masks

"I got this Himalayan mask for myself from Sikkim. I have a personal fascination for masks because i feel there is a sense of universalism in how masks have evolved in human civilizations across the world and how it occupies a central role in religion, rituals, dance, story-telling, magic and drama. Masks give us the alter-ego, to transform someone beyond who we really are. It also hides our real identities and invoke within us a super-identity. It makes us heroic, and this can often motivate us to perform beyond our call of duty, like our super-heroes do, often wearing masks. The real masks of the world are now getting slowly replaced by our social media masks where we can often be someone else from who we actually are, or remain completely anonymous too"

Thank you Ayan for this wonderful picture and such a deep thought.

Ayan Ghosh is a freelance photographer and researcher at Sahapedia

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