Pratima Khadke - Designer

Nagaland Bead Jewellery

Beautiful Women in Mumbai

"I like to collect traditional objects and experience the little glimpses of the cultural heritage through them. Many tribes in the North-East adorn themselves with beaded jewellery. I have always been fascinated by them and the way it's made. They are colourful with layers of various sized beads and little bells. Last year for my vacation, I got a chance to visit some beautiful places in North-East. I am very inclined towards collecting souvenirs for gifting and myself. I knew exactly what will be the first thing I will buy during the trip. I got these two necklaces of Nagaland and I wear them occasionally as statement pieces. I always get compliments for these striking traditional pieces and it's contemporary use in my daily life."

Thank you Pratima for the beautiful images and we love your fondness for traditional products and idea of 'Vocal for Local'.

Pratima Khadke is a Product & Lifestyle Accessory Designer living in Mumbai.

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