Natalie Lycops - Designer

Black Pottery Manipur

"My love for simple, natural and practical design and cooking comes together in these beautiful ceramics from Manipur. They are both elegant and robust. They stand out in their simplicity. You can feel the handcrafted black clay. Any food looks good in the bowls and on the plates because of the contrast with the black ceramics. The tea pot is again both outstanding in its beautiful design, cute as well soft because of its oval shape. Apart from all the aesthetics, they are also super practical; they can stand heat very well so you can put the tea pot directly on the fire. Now I just need to expand my set with big bowls (which I can make stews in since they can go on fire), salad bowls etc."

Thanks a lot Natalie for this beautiful insight all the way from Goa.

Natalie Lycops is from Belgium currently living in Goa.

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