Akshatha Shetty - Story Teller

Nagaland and its shawls

"I spent three months in Nagaland a year ago. There’s something truly magical about the North-East. Within every ridge and crevice, lies a story, a memory... Their melodies are strung with tales of valour and humanity. I bought these shawls as I was leaving Nagaland. In its weave, I discovered poetry. There’s purpose and an ancestral identity immortalised in every colour. It reminds me of my time there; of kindness peering through the eyes of azu; of a drifting memory piercing through the heart of a wanderer".

Thank you so much Akshatha for this beautifully woven story.

Akshatha Shetty is founder at Rest Of My Family where she with her friend are telling stories with an effort to re-discover their lost connection with rest of their human family.


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