Sanjana Sarma - Administrative Officer - GOI


"I had received this wall art as a wedding gift from a dear friend and it has adorned the walls of my home ever since. The picture depicts khasi farmers working in the farms on a rainy day wearing rain shields, also called 'knup'. Since I am from the North-East, I own a lot of clothes and accessories from that region. However, this piece of art stands out for me as it brings a sense of peace and calm when I look at it. The serenity brought out in the picture amidst so much chaos of our daily lives is admirable. No matter where I am going, this wall art is definitely going with me."

Thank you Sanjana for this charming picture and hope you keep carrying it with you till eternity.

Sanjana Sarma is Administrative Officer working for the Government of India and is a former No.1 table tennis player from Assam.

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