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Mekhla Chador Assam

Ours is a East meets West story and with such much diversity of cultures. I sure have a whole lot of stories to tell. So, what happens when a Gujarati woman, born and raised in Army Cantonments falls in love with an Assamese man. It is exciting and challenging, learning and unlearning, all at the same time.

When we decided to get married, as part of tradition my mother-in-law gave this Muga Silk Mekhela Chador to me to wear for our wedding. Now the Gujju in me wanted something else. After the initial phase of questioning why this why not that, I decided to surrender and enjoy my journey. SouI soaked in the beauty of the tea gardens, the valley of Billabong, the sound the Brahmaputra and wearing as well as eating silk.

Today when I look back I am glad I went with her choice. We had a beautiful Ahom wedding (Chaklang) with 101 diyas.

I have invested in many Mekhela Chadors since then but this one is my very first and will always be very special to me.

Today our home is a beautiful blend of both the cultures. If you happen to visit us anytime we serve pitha with our gakhir cha and dhokla with laal cha and our doors are always open for chai pe charcha.

Thank you Harita for this beautiful story and a great example that love always wins and knows no boundaries.

Harita Upadhyay splits her time between Dubai, Jorhat and Ahmedabad. She works for livelihood for rural woman in Gujarat where she collaborates with NGOs to create quilts and cushion covers.

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