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Naga Bead Jewellery

"I am fascinated with colors though you might not feel that way if you looked into my wardrobe. Yeah, you got it... mostly black or white clothes. But, there's a catch. I accessorize my wardrobe with jewellery.  And that, perhaps, is one of the biggest reasons why I love Naga jewellery. They are oh so colorful and versatile and you can pair one neck piece with ten other things. No one will ever tell you that it’s the same piece you wore some other time. They will definitely tell you that the piece brings the outfit together and then ask you (in a hushed tone) where you got it from and if they can lay their hands on one too.

Naga jewellery

I have one Naga neck piece (Yes the one you see in the picture) and it kind of a funny story of how I got it. I was passing the design studio at my workplace and overheard one of my friends speak to another friend over the phone asking him to get her some jewelry from Nagaland since he was traveling there. I really don’t remember what important work I had but I forgot it all and just jumped up to her. 'I want one too, I want one too' is all recall telling my friend.

naga jewellery

Whenever I wear the neck piece all I can think of is how I never even described what I wanted. I knew I wanted it to be authentic - with its bones, shells, and colorful rocks! I think it is utterly impossible to even choose one. They are all unique and beautiful. Mine was love at first sight!"

Thank You Bidrupa for beautiful images and hope you never have enough of those lovely compliments. 

Bidrupa Sinha is a marketing consultant based out of Bangalore.


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