Kannakee Bhuyan - Artist

Stunning Naga Jewellery

"An ardent collector of tribal adornment from various cultures of the world, my most favourite from the collection are the statement neck pieces from the Konyak tribe, the headhunters of Nagaland followed by Tuaregs and the Maasai.
I love to accessorize more than I love dressing and these neck pieces add so much to my personal style and a sense of identity living in a land away from home.
I have had so many curious strangers complementing me and asking where i get them from when I walk in the streets wearing these statement pieces, (one at a time obviously!) as they are peculiarly unique. It swells me up with immense pride to tell them, it is from my homeland- NorthEast India. All the pieces are from Nagaland except the Masai crown." 
Thank you Kannakee for this absolutely stunning picture, all the way from Netherlands.
Kannakee Bhuyan (originally from Assam) is a filmmaker based in Netherlands.


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