Nandita Kodesia - Journalist

Assamese Textile Dupatta

"Since I was a little girl, I've known my mom to be extremely tasteful in her choice of clothes and fabrics. This amazing duppatta is also picked by her, for me from her first trip to Guwahati. 
This is almost 18 years old. It's hard to believe but that is a fact. It is one of my priced possessions. There are two reasons for it. One because it's absolutely classy. The fabric and craftsmanship is timeless. This never goes out of fashion! But most importantly there is a deep sentiment attached to it.
As a family we all are very frond of travelling. I would've been around 17 when my mom took her first trip to the North East with relatives. Leaving me behind because of school. I was particularly very sad, as I had heard/ read so much about  the mesmerizing North East, and It was difficult for me to digest that mom is leaving me behind. As a sulking teenager I took it as it came. 
Mom came back with this! She gave it to me amidst the fairy tale like stories of her trip and her rendezvous with the absolutely stunning beauty of the place. 
Even today when I pull it out of my cupboard, that excited teenager in me smiles somewhere."
Thank You Nandita for this sun kissed image and hope your teenage dream comes true soon.
Nandita Kodesia is a journalist by profession and co-owner of a pre-loved kid's stuff portal 'Adieurable'.

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