Manuscript Collection

Carry history as history carries you. Wear the chronicles of the days of yore as every bend of an ornament sings the songs of past glory. 

Manuscript paintings flourished in Assam in the 16th Century AD under the leadership of the great Vaisnava Saint, Srimanta Sankardeva. These paintings which derived their inspiration from Hindu epics and puranas were done on indigenous tree bark called xanchi using hengul haitaal as colour pigment. The artistic community, colloquially called Khanikars, worked in royal court and religious monasteries of the Ahom dynasty and often collaborated with eminent artists from Mughal courts to create manuscript books leading to precious pieces of art.

Our new jewellery edit 'The Manuscript Collection' is inspired by the beautiful motifs found in these paintings and reflect in our exquisite earring designs.

Jewels from NEST by Arpit Agarwal is crafted with utmost precision and love in 925 sterling silver and is luxuriously gold plated. The jewels in this collection are embellished with pearls and can be combined with occasion wear as well as evening wear.

Our designs are classic and elegant which make them a prized possession just like the manuscript paintings that inspired them.