Tosha Jagad - Illustrator

"Everytime I travel, I always have my sketchbook with me whether or not I end up sketching things in it. My trip to Manipur and Nagaland in 2017 introduced me to a completely different culture of a part of India that I have never visited before. 
The thing that interested me the most was the architecture of traditional homes mostly in villages. The facade of their homes was decorated in carved motifs and each motif had a symbolic aspect. From all the symbols, the hornbill and the Indian bison or mithun were the most common motifs among the Naga tribes. 
In my sketches I have tried to encapsulate the culture, people, and forms that inspired me. I made a series of illustrations of people in the villages of Nagaland and Manipur, using the motifs and patterns found on their homes and morungs as frames to the portraits."

Nagaland Rural Life
Nagaland woman
Tosha Jagad Sketch
Tosha Jagad Sketch
Tosha Jagad Sketch
Thank you Tosha for beautiful images and illustrations. 

Tosha Jagad is an illustrator, graphic and ceramic designer based in Mumbai.

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