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Majuli Shawl with Awesome Deepak Ramola

"We were on this beautiful river island called Majuli in Assam and were having a traditional lunch at one of the tour guide's home. It was a quaint bamboo house, very typical of the region. I asked the wife of our tour guide, that where I could buy a shawl similar to what she was wearing. She replied she makes them. I was overjoyed hearing that. Turns out, this was the last piece in the particular color she had woven. This shawl speaks to me. I am so obsessed with it that I wear it in music sittings, air travels, conferences or just at home. I feel it's fabric has become an extension of my personality. I am so grateful to North-East for it's rich culture and hospitality."

Thank you Deepak for this beautiful story and we hope you keep inspiring people for years to come.

Deepak Ramola is Founder & Artistic Director at Project Fuel who conducts life skills workshops by turning everyday life lesson into an interactive exercise.

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