Somya Jajor - Designer

"Ever since I read about the North Eastern states and the tribes back in my Grade 4 Social Studies book, I wanted to go there! With time, my curiosity about the region grew and so did the love for its cuisine, culture and crafts. Finally came this summer, and the much awaited travel. 17 days of mountains, lush forests, misty mornings, delicious food, stinging leeches, beautiful handicrafts, jittery sumo rides and some very lovely people!

The itinerary included backpacking through Meghalya and Nagaland; the regions of Khasis, Angamis, Aos and Konyaks.

Apart from the memories and photographs, I tried to bring back as much of the beautiful stuff with me as would fit in the luggage!

Woodcarving (Konyak Tribe) figurines (man & woman), and a carved box with a strap -  made from a single piece of wood - used as a lunch/ snack bag to hold dry meat and rice wine during festivals. This one came with some wild-boar tusks which I removed before bringing them on the outbound flight with me.

Naga Bead Jewellery

Beaded Jewellery (Konyak tribe) bought at village Longwa and village Mon.

Bamboo Products

Rice husking trays from Khasi Hills.

Rains in the north-east India

Soaking in the blissful monsoon

Textiles of NorthEast India

On the right are the Naga Weaves from Angami, Ao and Konyak tribes and meeting the last of the legendary Konyak warriors were experiences that truly make this travel one of the most memorable!"

Thank You Somya for sharing your wonderful experience of a childhood dream.

Somya Jajor is a designer based in Mumbai.

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