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"I visited Sikkim 5 years ago for a week-long trip and then again last year for a longer stay. North eastern India has always fascinated me, even though I myself belong to the Shivalik Himalayan region of Uttarakhand. 
In the local market of Gangtok, we enjoyed momos, thukpas, bamboo shoot recipes a lot. Since we have some friends in Gangtok, it was more of meeting friends than going as a tourist.
The yellow-red-green striped bag in the picture is from the Drokpa community of Sikkim. They used to be Indian-Tibetian shepherds before but now they live in Lasher Valley and  in other close villages of North Sikkim. We even got an opportunity to attend the Yak-race of Drokpas. 
The bag - tag/ book mark is made by my friend Karma, who is a textile designer and she gave me this while she was visiting Mumbai a few years back. I love this small handwoven piece of fabric. The Pen Stand in the picture is also a bamboo packaging of local sikkimis green tea. The boxes are bought from Sikkim handicraft center.
All these small things and other many things like these I have collected during my visit. Since I love silver jewelry I found these Bhutanese earrings in one of the marwari jeweler in Gangtok.
A place is never just about the main population of that region. It's also about small communities who have settled there for business or agriculture or for other livelihood opportunities. Interdependence or coexisting is what makes it a beautiful experience."
Thank you Neha for sharing beautiful collage, insights and how its always the people who add charm to a place.
Neha Bahuguna is a designer, involved in writing related projects, from children's stories to screenplay writing for feature films and is based out of Mumbai.

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