Nasoni - Red  Stone - NEST by Arpit Agarwal

Nasoni - Red Stone

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Nasoni is inspired by Bihu Dance of Assam. Bihu is a traditional festival of Assam celebrated three times a year by people of Assam irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith and belief. Length of the earring is approx 65 mm.

Material : 925 Sterling Silver
Finish : Gold Plated
Stone : Semi Precious

Care Instructions :

* Please wear the jewellery after you’ve applied your perfume.
* Please wear the jewellery after you’ve applied lotion or put on makeup.
* Don’t wear the jewellery when you’ll be sweating profusely. 
* Avoid rubbing jewellery pieces against each other. 
* Clean your jewellery gently with a soft cloth, & don’t rub it.
* Store the jewellery in a plastic pouch and then in the cloth bag provided by us.
* Please store the jewellery separate from other jewellery.

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