Naga Loin Loom - Print Only - NEST by Arpit Agarwal

Nagaland Loin Loom - Art Print Only

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The rich, traditional and vibrant textile heritage of Nagaland will have you spellbound. Weaving forms a source of livelihood not only for Naga women but for many women in North-East Region. It helps them to contribute for the healthcare and education of their children especially in rural households. The back strap loom (Loom is attached to the body of the weaver with a back strap, hence the name) or loin loom is believed to be one of the oldest methods used for weaving cloth. It is the simplest of all looms with no external devices attached. Nearly all types of weaves can be woven in the lion loom and possibilities of weaving pattern and motifs are unlimited helping to establish a distinct identity. Naga loin loom weaving technique is still a living craft, owing to demand for traditional attires by locals and the value attached to 'handcrafted’ products.

Paper : 246/280 GSM Textured Paper
Printed on 18 inches x 12 inches paper approx.

Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible.

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