Gor - NEST by Arpit Agarwal


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Gor meaning rhino in Assamese is inspired by the Indian Rhinoceros listed as vulnerable species. Today, about only 3000 rhinos live in the wild, 2000 of which are found in India's Assam alone. The length of the earring is approx 48 mm.

Material : 925 Sterling Silver
Finish : Gold Plated

Care Instructions :

* Please wear the jewellery after you’ve applied your perfume.
* Please wear the jewellery after you’ve applied lotion or put on makeup.
* Don’t wear the jewellery when you’ll be sweating profusely. 
* Avoid rubbing jewellery pieces against each other. 
* Clean your jewellery gently with a soft cloth, & don’t rub it.
* Store the jewellery in a plastic pouch and then in the cloth bag provided by us.
* Please store the jewellery separate from other jewellery.

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