The Mighty Brahmaputra - Print Only - NEST by Arpit Agarwal

Assam Mighty Brahmaputra - Art Print Only

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Of all the major rivers that flow through the Asian subcontinent the Brahmaputra is one of the only rivers referred to in both, the masculine and the feminine. Originating in Tibet, on the Angsi glacier and known as the Yarlung Tsangpo, it flows into India via Arunachal Pradesh and Assam where it is called the Brahmaputra, it goes on into Bangladesh where it is called the Padma, before emptying out into the Bay of Bengal. Traversing a length of over 3800 kms, the river bed is as wide as 10 kms in some parts of Assam. The planet's largest  river island is on the Brahmaputra in Assam and is called Majuli.  Prone to catastrophic flooding when the Himalayan snows melt in Spring, the river has a long and deep relationship with life on its banks. Having inspired art, literature and music as well as sustaining life in urban and rural settlements, this mighty river continues to remain a lifeline even in the 21st century.

Paper : 246/280 GSM Textured Paper
Printed on 18 inches x 12 inches paper approx.

Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible.

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