Pineapple Meghalaya - Set of Six - NEST by Arpit Agarwal

Meghalaya Pineapple Coasters - Set of Six

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One of the most important fruit crops in the State of Meghalaya, Pineapple, is grown from the plains up to about 1000m above mean sea level. Purely a rain fed crop it grows best on the foothills and on un-terraced slopes on the hills. The most popular variant is the Giant Kew, followed by the Queen. These large, juicy and aromatic fruit are generally sold by women vendors on the roadside. In Meghalaya it is mostly grown in areas of Ri Bhoi, East Khasi and Garo Hills where native agricultural practices are still in use, producing smaller yields of fruits that are free from chemical residues.

Material : MDF
Coaster Size : 90 mm x 90 mm each (approx)

Coaster (Set of Six - Assorted) comes with an acrylic stand and a cardboard box.

Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible.

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