Jaapi - Set of Six - NEST by Arpit Agarwal
Jaapi - Set of Six - NEST by Arpit Agarwal

Assam Jaapi Coasters - Set of Six

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Jaapi is a traditional headgear of Assam, India. It has been in use since the days when the great Chinese traveler, Hiuen Sang came to Assam. A typical Jaapi is made out of tightly woven bamboo and/or cane and taku paat (a type of round, big palm leaf) with a typical red border around the edge. The name, 'Jaapi' comes after the word jaap, which is a bundle of taku leaves. Decorative Jaapis were worn by royals or people of higher social status. Cloth (primarily red, white, green, blue and black) integrated with the weaving of Jaapi formed intricate designs. Today a Jaapi is worn as a protection against sun and rain. Jaapis are also offered as a sign of respect in felicitation ceremonies & placed as an item of decoration in and around the house (especially near the front door as a welcome sign).

Material : MDF
Coaster Size : 90 mm x 90 mm each (approx)

Coaster (Set of Six - Assorted) comes with an acrylic stand and a cardboard box.

Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible.

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