Assam Bihu Dance Lapel Pin - Red - NEST by Arpit Agarwal
Bihu Dance - Red - NEST by Arpit Agarwal
Bihu Dance - Red - NEST by Arpit Agarwal

Assam Bihu Dance Lapel Pin - Red

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Bihu denotes a set of three different cultural festivals of Assam. Bihu, the most important festival of Assam is celebrated with fun and abundance by all Assamese people irrespective of caste, creed, religion, faith and belief. In a year, Bihu is celebrated three times in Assam - in the months of Bohaag (Baisakh, the middle of April), Maagh (the middle of January), and Kaati (Kartik, the middle of October). Each Bihu coincides with a distinctive phase in the farming calendar. Bihu is also used to imply Bihu dance and Bihu folk songs. The man is holding an upward curving, horned shaped ‘Pepa' -a flute-like musical instrument which is an integral part of the culture of Assam. It is played during traditional Bihu and Naam ceremonies. It usually has a very short stem made from a small diameter of bamboo, cane or reed with the end away from the mouth capped with the horn of a buffalo.

Material : Metal & Enamel

Size : 1.25 inch Dia (approx)
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Slight difference in colour from the visible product image is possible.

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Pran P

The colours and silhouettes are perfect. Loved it.🙂

Aakash Shukla
Amazing stuff!

Quality of products and packaging while delivery is extremely good

Bharath Subramanian

Nice concept and good product

Kasturi Bhattacharyya
Great quality and artwork

Glad to buy the lapel pin from NEST. The artwork is no doubt great, but I'm also impressed by the quality of the product.